Bar Soaps

Dr. Woods Bar Soaps come in nine different scents and types- allowing you to choose the type that best matches your skin’s needs.

Lavender Castile Soap

Dr. Woods 100% Natural Lavender Castile Soap specially blends organic lavender and essential oils with Organic Shea Butter and Vitamin E to refresh and moisturize your skin.  Organic oils extracted from lavender’s delicate, blue-violet flowers release a fragrant scent that frees you to relax and dream far ways from everyday worry.

Unscented Baby Mild Soap

We take special care to ensure our 100% Natural Baby Mild Castile Soap is gentle enough for our children and anyone
with sensitive skin.

This 100% Natural formulation has no fragrance, and its lower pH balance ensures a kinder clean. Dr. Woods Baby
Mild Castile Soap, blended with organic essential oils, organic sea butter and Vitamin E, is our most soothing
body and mind.

  • Mild enough for baby’s delicate skin but great for sensitive skin of all ages
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Pure Castile and Organic Shea Butter formulas
  • Sizes – 8 oz., 16 oz and 32 oz.


Reach for our 100% Natural Peppermint Castile Soap to start your day feeling refreshed and ready. This special
formulation blends organic peppermint, wild mint and essential oils with organic shea butter, to clean your skin
with a tingling freshness.

Dr. Woods Peppermint Castile Soap’s invigorating fragrance clears your senses and prepares you for the day

Ginger Citrus Soap

Our 100% Natural Ginger Citrus Soap awakens and restores. Energizing ginger combines with lemon, orange
and lime to engage your senses, while a soothing blend of organic jojoba and olives oils, organic shea butter and
Vitamin E moisturizes and conditions your skin.

Dr. Woods Ginger Citrus Castile Soap readies your mind and body for all challenges.

Raw Black Shea Butter Soap

Naturally Exfoliates and Moisturizes

Our Raw Black Soap with organic shea butter is an exceptional moisturizing exfoliant that’s effective on all
complexions. Rich in nutrients Vitamins A and E, our Black Soap helps regenerate skin cells and neutralizes free
radicals, restoring your skin’s natural elasticity and preventing premature facial lines.

Dr. Woods proudly supports women’s cooperatives in Africa that process the plantains and harvest the shea nuts
used in our Raw Black Soap with shea butter.

Red Currant Clove Raw Shea Butter Soap

Capture the beginning of spring – bright, crisp and inviting – with our Red Currant Clove Shea Butter Soap. Crushed
peppercorns briskly exfoliate your skin, while our beautiful blend of clove, cinnamon, lemon, orange and patchouli
oils moisturize and revitalize.

Dr. Woods Red Currant Clove Soap with peppercorn exfoliant awakens your skin with the freshness you expect
and look forward to every Spring season.

Garden Cucumber Raw Shea Butter Soap

Our Garden Cucumber Soap with mint leaf exfoliant gently cleans and rejuvenates your skin to a fresh garden
glow. Organic shea butter, crushed mint leaves and Vitamin E complement this refreshing fragrance with
antioxidants and natural soothing properties that maintain your skin’s health and youthful clarity.

Dr. Woods Garden Cucumber Shea Butter Soap utilizes nature’s essential elements to strengthen and refresh your

Coconut Milk Raw Shea Butter Soap

We all need a break – from daily chores, worry and life’s ever present pressures. Our Coconut Milk Soap blends
coconut milk, papaya and vanilla beans to relax your senses, all the while enriching your skin with organic shea
butter and Vitamin E.

Use Dr. Woods Coconut Milk Shea Butter Soap for a much deserved getaway that better prepares you for tomorrow.

Skin Lightening English Rose Soap

Our Skin Lightening Rose Bar helps even skin discoloration and clear blemishes, while our luxurious fragrance provides the escape you crave… and deserve. This special formulation effectively lightens the skin, fades dark spots and delicately cleanses and nourishes your complexion to a healthy, elegant glow.

Dr. Woods Skin Lightening Soap’s soft bouquet calms and relaxes your spirit, giving you the comfort to look and feel
your most beautiful.